Kamene Dornubari-Ogidi


Kamene draws on their experience in sustainable project management and intersectional social justice organizing to support inclusive cities and resilience practices.

Kamene provides analytical and research support for equitable economic development, land use, climate and community resilience projects in New York and Los Angeles Offices . Prior to joining HR&A, Kamene’s urban planning graduate work at UC Berekely investigated the psychopolitics of security and belonging in public transit environments and the application of critical race-class theories to design data-supported interventions centering populations at the margins.
Prior to their graduate experience at UC Berkeley, Kamene managed a network of nonprofit institutions managing green revolving funds and provided recommendations for seeding, managing, and developing project for revolving funds while a Fellow at the Sustainable Endowments Institute. Prior this this work, they supported innovations in public engagement, tracked sustainable project financing impacts, and produced a series of publications on energy efficient technologies and processes in and novel sectors while an Energy Educator at the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.